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Travel Journals

Canada with Scenic Tours

Imagine opening up a National Geographic and stepping inside. Welcome to Canada. Those double-page spreads with jaw-dropping vistas? or photographs of black bears emerging from hibernation? They could be yours too. I spent my entire time in Canada torn between photographing the landscapes and simply gawping at the view. Simply stunning. I arrived in Vancouver, ...

South Africa. An evolving country

Nothing prepared me for South Africa. Everything I knew about the vast country only confirmed it had been many things to many people. So when I travelled there in March and saw a country balancing wildlife endeavours with bustling cosmopolitan cities, I put aside my preconceived notions. Instead, I let the country’s complexities, gracious people ...

Wow India

India is utterly seductive. From careening through congested traffic on rickshaws, to standing in awe before the Taj Mahal; India is a complete assault on your senses. And I am completely smitten. I travelled to India in March, and used Delhi as the launching pad for my trip. A vast city with historic forts contrasting ...

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